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  • October 10, 2019
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10-11:30am, CG1-3131


Presentation by James Davies about the UCAR WebMod2 web modernization project.

Presentation and Q&A by Stephen Geinosky about the recent migration of Drupal 7 sites to Pantheon.


Don Kolinski, James Davies, Carl Drews, Dennis Ogg, Ryan Johnson, Tania Sizer, Stephen Geinosky, Jeff Alipit, Peggy Stevens, Sara Byrd, David Vance, Doug Dirks, Karla LeFevre, Lara Ziady, Zhenya Gallon


Listen to the meeting

UCAR WebMod2 Project Update – by James Davies

Goals are to create new styling standards (themes) and at the same time, migrate website content into Drupal 8

RFP is being worked on now

Labs and Programs will decide their own content strategy and what to keep and what to cull

Possible an Intranet will be created

Ongoing funding will need to be supported


Update on Pantheon Site Management – by Steven Geinosky

Some websites still have the Atmos theme running in /sites/default/themes

the pros are:  theme is still running like it always has

the cons are:  won't benefit from updates that CISL/SWES makes

All unnecessary module should be deleted

It's recommended that you use Git

Configuration Management – unless you use the Features module, you have to keep doing this the same way as it was done on Webpub server. (Develop on Dev site, then duplicate on Test, then duplicate on Live.)

David Vance: please keep your sites updated.  We can use Drush through Terminus.  Pantheon uses New Relic – which monitors your updates and notifies you if your site is down.

We can update Terminus to latest version – were told to use version 1.9 only so that rsync would work.

We are free to add a Team Member to a site

EU Compliance module is set to 1 year on the site, and it is important to have Legal group look over you wording, if you turn on the module.

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