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  • October 12, 2017
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10:00AM -11:30AM, FLA 2111

Project to Develop a Web Shared Services Model Update: Helen Moshak and Nate Wilhelmi ~30 min
- Bootstrap framework for Responsive Design Presentation & Discussion: Carl Drews and any others knowledgeable about Bootstrap ~20-30 min
- Gmail failure of October 6 discussion - ~ 15 -20 min
- SWEG Update - Nate Wilhelmi 



Nate Wilhelmi, Joanne Graham, Lara Ziady, Tania Sizer, Zhenya Gallon, David Vance, Carter Borst, Carl Drews, Terri Hamner, B.J. Smith, and Helen Moshak

Shared Web Services

1. Helen Moshak gave a presentation on her proposal for consolidating web services at UCAR. She has shared these slides with the UCAR Executive Committee. The idea is to gather web services into a center of excellence. The details are not yet determined.

2. The WAG asked if consolidation will mean centralization. Helen replied that the structure will be decided in the future.

3. Helen and Nate Wilhelmi (SWEG) will be asking the UCAR organizational units for a list of domains that they own. They will also conduct a Needs Assessment during Fall 2017.

4. The biggest risk to this proposal is that various UCAR organizational units will decide to opt out of the shared web services.

5. There was time for some questions during Helen's presentation, but not for discussion.

6. Helen's slides are available for viewing if requested, but will not be placed on the Wiki at this time.

Bootstrap framework for Responsive Design, feature presentation by Carl Drews

7. Bootstrap is a popular CSS and Javascript framework for allowing web sites to work well on small (mobile) and large screens (desktops). Web content is fundamentally changed, not just moved to a new layout. "Hamburger" menus are replaced by the full menu on larger displays. Content is shifted in position and images may be re-sized.

8. Tania Sizer contributed her experience, and David Vance also contributed from his work.

9. Our Vermilion implementation uses Foundation (competitor to Bootstrap). There is more design in Foundation. Tania says Bootstrap is really easy to learn and use. David Vance prefers Bootstrap over Foundation.

10. Some Drupal themes are based on Bootstrap.

11. The new Vermilion umbrella theme is not going to the labs as is, not in its present state. The umbrella theme is only intended for UCAR, NCAR, and AtmosNews.

12. The Web Modernization Project is currently developing new content. Historical news articles can be migrated as is.

13. Nobody is worried about using Foundation (instead of Bootstrap) and going off the apparent mainstream.

14. SWEG updates: Some behind-the-scenes upgrades.

15. SSL certificate failure caused login problems with gmail last week and today.

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