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Approved:  March 2011, December 2008

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Code and documentation

The WAG recommends that:

wherever appropriate and feasible, sites and pages within the organization adopt the current instance of organization-wide navigation (hereafter called OrgNav) in order to:

  • offer users a clear sense of place across our organization's Web presence
  • provide a uniform navigation framework for ease of use

Consulting on implementation methods is available from the WEG.

For exceptions, please see the section on opting out, below.

Version control

There is only one version for use on all NCAR, UCAR, and UCP sites. Implementation includes agreement not to make modifications to the form or content unless a request is issued by WAG members responsible for the code.

Given the need to respond to future changes in design or content initiated by designated WAG members, we recommend as a best practice that developers design procedures that are flexible and extensible to accommodate announced changes.

Please bring suggestions for future modifications in design or content to the WAG for consideration.


The WAG recommends

1. Fast-track retrofitting of each major unit's home and 2nd-level pages, with "major unit" defined as:

  • NCAR, UCAR, and UCP main sites
  • Laboratory and Program main sites
  • Division main sites

2. Including OrgNav on all new pages, regardless of level.

3. Retrofitting lower-level legacy pages if and when convenient as, for example, when making other changes to a legacy page.

See the OrgNavFooter Code Documentation for specifics on how to implement.

Opting out

The WAG recognizes that OrgNav may not be appropriate for all sites hosted within the organization.  Exceptions will generally fall into these categories:

  • Web servers hosting non UCAR Web sites, such as those for community-wide efforts
    • for example, hosted by MMM
  • Third party software with templates that are not editable
  • Applications considered to be part of UCAR's Intranet,
    • for example, the UCAR TimeCard system
    • the WAG recommends that all such internal applications pages include, at a minimum, navigation to the home pages of each of the three top-level org units.
  • Pages with short-lived information or created for a short-term purpose, usually for a small, "insider" audience
    • for example, small-group meeting agendas

Since adoption is voluntary, opting out is voluntary as well. We ask that any unit who meets the exception criteria above contact so we may list their case on the WAG wiki.

Any unit with an opt out case that does not fit the categories above should contact so we can determine whether to add a new category to the opt out list.

Since the WEG can provide consulting on implementation, engineering should not be a barrier to adoption. The WAG strongly recommends opting out only in cases similar to those described above.

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  1. As of May 2009:

    • There is only one version for use on all NCAR, UCAR, and UCP sites.
    • The NCAR "blue bar" has been removed from the code.