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WAG charter, approved by ITC 2008 Apr 15

The UCAR Web Advisory Group (WAG) reports to the ITC and is chartered to develop strategies for UCAR's institutional use of the World Wide Web, which may lead to the recommendation of priorities and policies. The scope of WAG responsibility covers all web-specific aspects of UCAR's IT strategy and implementation.

The WAG:

  • fosters UCAR's Web community with talks and discussions;
  • provides a forum for UCAR's Web community to share their experience and expertise;
  • makes proposals to the ITC about institutional priorities and resources;
  • recommends policies to the ITC, including definition of standard web services and use of new technologies; and
  • leverages and coordinates existing expertise and infrastructure.

The WAG has assistance from the Web Engineering Group (WEG). In relation to the WEG, the WAG:

  • recommends priorities to the WEG;
  • reviews budget and plans for WEG; and
  • receives periodical review status of implementation activities from the WEG.

Membership and Meetings

The membership consists of interested UCAR groups (laboratories, programs, divisions, facilities, etc.); each member group designates an official representative for voting purposes.  Any UCAR group with a dedicated web presence may request membership in the WAG; the request must be approved by a majority of the existing WAG members.  The WAG will maintain a list of member groups and the members' representatives on its web site.  WAG meetings are open, and any interested employees may attend, but in the event of a vote, only designated representatives may take part.  Member groups may designate new representatives via e-mail to the WAG chair (or co-chairs) and the ITC chair.

The WAG may periodically form dedicated task forces with specific membership to research or address specific web-related issues.  In general, these task forces will operate for a limited time and then disband.

The WAG schedules regular meetings for briefings on new initiatives, updates of ongoing web projects, and discussion of web issues and problems. Meeting summaries will be prepared and published promptly on the web so as to foster UCAR-wide understanding of the Web Advisory Group's role and activities.

The WAG meetings rotate among UCAR campuses.


At any time, the chair (or co-chairs) may conduct an informal straw poll of WAG members to determine their opinion on an issue.

For issues of policy, any member may move to take the issue to a formal vote.  If such a motion is made, seconded, and approved by a majority of members present, the vote will be placed on the agenda of the next meeting.  The WAG and Weblist e-mail lists will be notified of the vote at least one week prior to the meeting at which it is to take place.  At that meeting, members must either defer the issue to a future meeting, or vote on the issue.  If put to a vote, the issue will be decided by a simple majority of members present.  If a member group's representative is unable to be present for a vote, he or she may designate a proxy for that vote via e-mail to the WAG chair (or co-chairs).


The WAG selects a chair from the membership who serves for a two year renewable term. The chair may not be a member of the engineering group or of its host group. The chair serves as a member of the ITC, providing reports and input as needed.  In addition, a co-chair may be selected to assist the chair.

Coordination with Other Committees

The WAG coordinates with other ITC committees as appropriate on issues of security, networking, and so on.

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