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Social Media Community of Practice

The Social Media COP is open to anyone on NCAR/UCAR/UCP staff. The group focuses on best practices and emerging trends for coordinating, branding, displaying, and publicizing our research and education on existing and emerging social media platforms, including those supporting multimedia. Our primary form of communication is our Google Group.

Google Group - Mailing List


Anyone in the organization may join the Google Group and contribute to the conversation: 


Questions? Contact Zhenya Gallon (Comms) - 

App Publishing

For all apps developed in support of the NCAR/UCAR mission, there are two points of contact for guidelines and assistance, depending on whether your app will be offered for free or for a fee:

Apps, Free

The publisher is UCAR and the contact is Nate Wilhelmi in CISL:

Apps, for Sale

The publisher is the UCAR Foundation and the contact is Dave Sundvall in UCARF:

Legal Considerations

  • UCAR policy on social media participation
  • Copyright & fair use warning
  • UCAR consent & release forms

"Fair Use" does not apply to online publishing, including webcasts. Please review the copyright caution, then download and use a Consent & Release Form before you upload!

Official NCAR & UCAR Social Media Sites

Sites managed by NCAR|UCAR Communications representing the organization as a whole.

Where can I post my great animation or movie?

For recordings of seminars and workshop presentations

See the list of NCAR|UCAR YouTube Channels (Google Doc)

For videos about scientific breakthroughs

NCAR & UCAR Science:

Contact Zhenya Gallon in Communications to discuss potential inclusion of your video on the NCAR & UCAR news channel.

All submissions should be reviewed for....

Should I create a new YouTube channel for my group?

One of the two options above will probably meet most video publication needs. Invest in outlining a consistent style for titles, tagging, and embedding your videos within your website after you contribute them to UCARConnect or AtmosNews. Metrics from YouTube reveal that most people find videos via a Google keyword search or by viewing embedded videos within a website they are visiting. This is why well-written titles that begin with powerful keywords, and great web material with which to surround your embedded video are so important

If your NCAR Lab or UCP Program produces video on a regular/frequent basis, or already hosts a YouTube channel, please see: 


NCAR|UCAR YouTube Channels - Getting Started  (Google Doc)

References: Social Media Tools & Research

Please add to and share this list of links to articles for social networking newcomers and experienced users.

Related Wiki Pages

Social media talk/discussion with NCAR|UCAR EdGroup: October 29, 2013

Google Earth at UCAR

Policy & Procedure News

March 2013

The Social Media Guidelines have been updated.

November 2010

A section has been added to the UCAR Policy & Procedures Manual on Social Media Guidelines.



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