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  • July 2017 work log
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Activities for week of July 3, 2017

  • PTO Monday, holiday Tuesday
    • Finished up talks, slide book, submitted to Kris
    WRFHELP emails
    • Helped user from University of Utah (Junkai Liu) with runtime errors with 4DVAR radar assimilation
    • Replied to user from Georgia Tech (Liao-Fan Lin) asking for some specifics about why certain variables are and are not updated by WRFDA
    • Replied to user from University of North Dakota (Nikki Carson) who was using the wrong RDA data set for assimilating data
  • Pull requests:
  • Started work on getting WRFDA to quit gracefully if given a restart file
  • Did some experimenting to get realtime system running again. Needs more work.

Activities for week of July 10, 2017

  • Retreat Thursday/Friday
  • Regtest
    • Ran on a few different platforms that hadn't been updated in a while
  • WEB
    • Updated users guide (see below)
    • Major updates to FAQ: several new sections, new questions/answers, updated a few old ones
    • Initial updates to tutorial classroom pages
  • WRFHELP emails
    • Replied to user from University of North Dakota (Nikki Carson) asking about LITTLE_R format data sets
    • Replied to user from University of Maryland (Will Miller, regular user) about namelist issue
    • Replied to user from Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology (Deepak Gopalakrishnan) asking for some details about WRFPLUS physics from Jimy
    • Added several more paragraphs about the procedure for updating boundary conditions in the context of cycling
    • Add namelist options for null echo assimilation to that section for extra clarity
  • Started "Known problems" wiki page; perhaps we should keep this updated internally
  • In coordination with Dave and Michael Duda, started list of changes I'd like to make (or have others make) for the WRFV4 release:
  • Updated WRFDA User Groups Lists with a few more US and India users
  • Finished up work on getting WRFDA to quit gracefully if given a restart file, opened pull request
  • Began dialogue with CISL (coordinating with Dave Gill) to finally get them to resolve some of the testing problems on Cheyenne




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