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  • June 2017 work log
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Activities for week of June 12, 2017

  • WRF Workshop all week
  • Starting work on Observations/OBSPROC talk
  • WRFHELP emails
    • Helped user from Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology, India, with WRFPLUS compilation problem

Activities for week of June 19, 2017

  • PTO Tuesday morning
  • Regtest
    • Starting work on a new regression test to cover uncovered capabilities:
      • GENBE CV6
      • GPSRO in bufr format
      • SSMIS radiance
        • Discovered that there are not radiance_info files for DMSP-17 and 18, just 16. Will copy the existing file to cover 17 and 18 since the instrument is identical
  • Still working on obs talk
  • WEB
    • Finished up some details on new LITTLE_R page
    • Added landing page for downloading PREPBUFR2LITTLER converter: 
  • WRFHELP emails
    • Answered email from Gerard Hesselmans (Netherlands govt) about humidity observations being silently rejected
    • Helping user from NC State running cycling system on Yellowstone

Activities for week of June 26, 2017

  • PTO Friday
  • Tested different GEN_BE BIN_TYPE options since they have never been tested before. They all work, and all produce different results, so I'll call that a pass.
  • Finished up testing new GEN_BE option for missing input data
  • Regtest
    • Continuing work on new regression test; running into problem with DMSP data
  • Finally finished obs talk, moving on to verification talk.
  • WRFHELP emails
    • Helped user from Wuhan university in assimilating GPSZTD obs
    • Replied to user trying to use WMO BUFR SEVIRI files
    • User from NC State was using restart files instead of output which caused the WRFDA failure...the error occurs way later in the executable than it should have!
    • Replied to user from Georgia Tech regarding a few different topics:
      • running into error with cu_physics=6 (Tiedke scheme) for 4DVAR; advised them to switch to cu_physics=1 since impact should be small and error may be hard to solve
      • Helped using length and variance scaling parameters for cloud_cv options
    • Replied to user form Scripps Institution of Oceanography (University of California, San Diego) asking for advice about different BIN_TYPE options in WRFDA
  • WEB
    • Minor fixes to LITTLE_R help page and PREPBUFR2LITTLER converter






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