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Group Head

Web Engineering Group (WEG)

Computational & Information Systems Laboratory (CISL)

National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR)


 My Roles at NCAR

  • Group Head of the Web Engineering Group (WEG) which provides web hosting services and web applications for the institution and includes the Database Services Team (DBST) which provides accounting for supercomputer and MSS usage
  • Web Council member, responsible for coordinating the top level web sites for UCAR, NCAR and UOP
  • Interface designer, usability researcher, and web developer for numerous websites and web applications

 Web sites and applications I have helped design


 Projects Archive

For a list of current projects, see the WEG wiki.

  TeraGrid Connector Code Project Wiki

  Community Data Portal Usability Test

  WORD Project Project Site

  Visualization Gallery Database Metadata
    Use Cases

  VETS Site Design Final Site
    Audience Analysis & Site Strategy
    Home Page Designs
    Information Architecture


 Current Committee & Group Memberships

 Previous Committee & Group Memberships

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