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Statement of Purpose

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The wiki for Inflight Icing has several roles.

  • Internal Documentation & Tracking - Progress on tasks should be documented on the wiki.  This allows other group members to see what work has been done, what problems have arisen.  This should also facilitate hand-off of tasks when necessary.  This also helps us keep things from falling through the cracks, by having a single repository for knowledge.
  • Collaboration - By providing a page that anyone on IFI can edit, it allows users to easily contribute to a common task.
  • Document Repository - Papers, heuristics, meeting notes, plots, and other information can be put here for easy reference.

Wiki Organization

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The IFI wiki is broadly organized at the top level.  Each project has it's own area as do some non-project subjects. Under each top-level area there are some common pages:

  • task list - A table of every task that we want to devote substantial effort to achieving.  Similar to the current CIP/FIP upgrades table.
  • nascent topics - A list of topics to further investigate, things we don't have time to look at now, but don't want to forget to address at some point.
  • notes - Whenever we are working on something and want to track progress, info, etc.
  • (Projects only) Change Log / Release Log

Areas like Science or Engineering are not meant to restrict who participates in those sections of the wiki, but are only for organizational purposes.


Non-Project Domains

  • Science
  • Engineering
  • Administration / Management - Do we need/want a space for these issues?  Or maybe just put them into Miscellaneous for now until we see if they need their own space.
  • Miscellaneous - Icing Lunches, TIMS/IFI Tools Workshop, and other things that don't fit into a more specific


Should we be using labels?  Which labels?  Labels allows us to break the strict hierarchical structure of the wiki.  Here are some possible suggested labels:

  • CIP
  • FIP
  • Science
  • Engineering
  • ACES
  • <more to come>




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