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  • 20150105

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  • NDAS prepbufr
    • NATIVE: yslogin3:/glade/p/ral/jnt/MMET/OBS/NATIVE/ndas
    • Processed: yslogin3:/glade/p/ral/jnt/MMET/OBS/NDAS_03h
      • Ran: yslogin3:/glade/p/ral/jnt/MMET/scripts/ and to process native NDAS pb files (run pb2nc and rename appropriately)
  • RAP prepbufr: 
    • NATIVE: yslogin3:/glade/p/ral/jnt/MMET/OBS/NATIVE/rap_pb  
      • We may want to reorganize this data. Right now it is in 6-hourly directories. For example: 2015010500-05 2015010506-11 2015010512-17 2015010518-23 and each one starts with a naming convention of t00. We may want to change that so that we can have one daily directory with the other data copied in and renamed to t** corresponding to the valid time.