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  • 20160122-24

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This was a classic set-up for a major winter storm which impacted the mid-Atlantic region and was, in general, well forecast several days in advance by large scale prediction models. The system developed near the Gulf Coast, with Canadian air already present over the mid-Atlantic and Appalachian region. This system strengthened rapidly as it moved slowly up the coast producing significant amounts of snow, sleet and freezing rain. Maximum amounts of 30-42 inches of snowfall occurred near the border of VA/WV/MD.



WRF Domain

Initializations to run:

  • 2016012200 (snow begins across northwest NC at 06 UTC Jan 22)
  • 2016012212
  • 2016012300
  • 2016012312 (maybe just end here?)
  • 2016012400?? (snow tapered off by 06 UTC Jan 22)

3-hourly ? output out to 48 hours

Data pull


  • GFS (0.25 degree)
  • NAM (grid 218)
  • HRRR


  • MRMS (gcorr, ptype, prate, reflec)
    • Gauge-corrected NATIVE: yslogin3:/glade/p/ral/jnt/MMET/OBS/NATIVE/mrms_gcorr
    • Precip type NATIVE: yslogin3:/glade/p/ral/jnt/MMET/OBS/NATIVE/mrms_ptype
    • Precip rate NATIVE: yslogin3:/glade/p/ral/jnt/MMET/OBS/NATIVE/mrms_prate
    • Comp reflectivity NATIVE: yslogin3:/glade/p/ral/jnt/MMET/OBS/NATIVE/mrms_compref


  • NCEP radar mosaic


  • NDAS prepbufr
    • NATIVE: yslogin3:/glade/p/ral/jnt/MMET/OBS/NATIVE/ndas
    • Processed: yslogin3:/glade/p/ral/jnt/MMET/OBS/NDAS_03h
      • Ran: yslogin3:/glade/p/ral/jnt/MMET/scripts/ and to process native NDAS pb files (run pb2nc and rename appropriately)
  • RAP prepbufr
    • NATIVE: yslogin3:/glade/p/ral/jnt/MMET/OBS/NATIVE/rap_pb
    • Processed: Do we want to pre-process or run pb2nc in the script?

Put relevant data on mandan-> RAMADDA