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The same steps work for logging into the isfs account on barolo.  However, for that account, the operational configuration under ~isfs/isfs has group write permissions, so EOL users should be able to pull into that repository while logged into their own account.  You can also edit, commit, and push, but we risk interfering if multiple people edit there.  Same goes for /net/isf/isfs/projects.

Fixing Authorship

If you forget to use the sshgit script to log in, you may still be able to commit to a repository, but the author of the commit will be wrong.  You can fix it like so:

Code Block
First log off the remote host.
Log back in with sshgit.
cd to the repository
Fix the last commit: git commit --amend --reset-author

The git command will also prompt for a new commit message, but the previous commit message is provided as a default.