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Code Block
Usage: ./ -config PATH [optionalArgs]

{panel}         -config PATH             path to the config file

{panel}         Cmd Line Only Arguments
        -h              Display a shorter help message
        -help           Display this help message
        -printParams    Write a example config file to stdout
         Cmd Line/Config Options
{panel}         -----------------------
        -test                           don't actually msrcp, etc. only log cmds
        -debug                          prints some basic debug info
        -verbose                        prints more detailed debug info
        -dateString string              Use this date string for date substitutions
        -projectNum num                 Charge this project for GAUs
        -tmpDir path                    Use path for staging,TARing, etc.
        -verificationEmail email        Use this email address for reporting errors and warnings.
        -doTar/-nodoTar                 should we create a .tar file?
        -doZip/-nodoZip                 should we compress files first?
        -doMSS/-nodoMSS                 should we send files to the mass store?
        -doClean/-nodoClean             should we clean up our tmp files?
        -forceClean/-noforceClean       should we clean up our tmp files even if there was an error?
        -retentionPeriod num            Number of days to set the retention period to.
        -doTarList/-nodoTarList         should we create & store a TOC along with the tar file?
        -readPassword pw                use pw as the read password
        -writePassword pw               use pw as the write password
        -classOfService string          pass string to msrcp's class of service argument
        -passwordClarity level          if level is clear store passwords as clear text
                                        If level is 'obscure', obscure passwords first.
                                        Anything else, don't store passwords.
        -doStaging/-nodoStaging         if true, copy files to tmp dir before working on them
        -warningLevel float             if expected number of files/file size do not fall within this tolerance, then warn
        -skipUnderscoreFiles            This only works if you are staging or TARing
        -forceOverwrite                 Uses put instead of cput and will ovewrite existing files.
        -doSQL/-nodoSQL                 Should meta data be stored in the SQL database


Please see the documentation online for more details: https://sdg/confluence/display/crosspgm/Archiver+Documentation