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General sounding configuration (excluding site configuration)
Station name (following the ISF naming convention)Cheesehead_ISS1
WMO station index number0 0
WMO region numberNorth America
Message typeMobile
Latitude (decimal degrees)+45.945810
Longitude (decimal degrees)-90.293870
Altitude (of the ground at the launch site in meters above mean sea level)463
Launch site offset0
Barometer offset (Reference pressure sensor altitude above ground, must be positive and must be measured after installation)(TBD)
GPS antenna offset (must be positive and must be measured after installation of the Vaisala system GPS antenna)(TBD)
Header for TEMP messages (must be followed by ~SMD2~SMH200\r\n)UMXX32 KWBC (We have 31-34, we use these anywhere in the world, 34 is used for dropsondes) We should notify NOAA that these soundings will be coming, We need to inform Greg that these files will be coming to change his scripts.
Header for BUFR messages (must be followed by ~SMD2~SMH200\r\n)IUSX02 KWBC (This is a region code about north america)
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