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We started the roundtable in Boulder with a report from Travis on the code sprint that is occurring this week.  Tomorrow is the last day of the 1-week sprint that began on Monday.  Prior to the code sprint, there was a only a preliminary LETKF implementation in oops.  So, the main objectives of the sprint were:

  • to add horizontal localization
  • To get the LETKF working for the toy models (qg, l95), the shallow-water model, and the MSOOAM MAOOAM coupled QG model.

All participants agreed that great progress has been made toward these goals.  They may be close to completion by the end of the day tomorrow.


Xin is working on variational bias correction for satellite data.  He has already implemented much of the cod code and this week he intends to work on computing the predictors online.


Mark O also mentioned that the version of ecbuild we're using now is behind ECMWF's development version, both because of outstanding issues/bugs in their development version and because updating to their development version would require significant changes to all the JEDI repos and an up-to-date version of CMake.

Mark O announced that he and Yannick will be visiting ECMWF in the fall, and that we have started a google doc to collect questions and concerns that Yannick and Mark can discuss with ECMWF during their visit.  

Clementine has been working with the MPI implementation of H(x) in the shallow water model using fv3-jedi as a model.


Ryan reported on several things he has been up to.  First, he introduced a new scratch repo in jedi/jcsda for the purpose of experimenting with new concepts before implementation into JEDI.  Second, in response to the discussion in some previous meetings, he has gone through and flagged a number of places in ufo, ioda, and saber that have been giving warnings during compilation.  Some of these are in need of attention and should be fixed.  He has created ZenHub issues in the appropriate repos and will work with other JEDIs to address them. Lastly, Ryan is developing a means for specifying QC filtering formulas using simple mathematical expressions written in the YAML file.

Emily has continued to work on QC based on diagnostics from the H(x) operators.  She intends to implement a class similar to GeoVaLs that will encapsulate the H(x) diagnostics that can then be used for QC.  She has generated new obs and geovals files and has issued a PR in ufo with these enhancements.  Cory has been helping out with this.