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There are two options for nudging available in CESM, generally referred to as 'specified dynamics' and 'physics-side nudging'.  To use physics-side nudging in your simulation, see the CAM User's Guide, Section 8.4.  All configuration is set in the namelist (user_nl_cam), and numerous options are available.  CESM2.2 has a compset, FCnudged, with a standard configuration (except, it is recommended to use  model_times_per_day = 48, instead of the default  model_times_per_day = 24).

For physics-side nudging, available reanalysis data is pre-processed prior to model use. This preparation step interpolates the desired reanalysis data onto a given model grid, adjusts values to account for topographical differences between the reanalysis model and the current topography of CESM, and saves the results in individual files with one time slice per file. The scripts that carry out this processing must be configured for each combination of input reanalysis dataset and output model grid. The scripts are currently available for the FV and SE dycore grids.