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  • LTR-2.1.3

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  • LTR-2_1_3.tar.gz (Login required; email <<MailTo(>> for schmitt <at> ucar <dot> edu for an account)
    md5 checksum: e987c42604b386a225c73a997c391ddc
  • Accessible via SVN (login required)
  • Upgrade instructions:
    • Note: You should be able to re-use any prerequisites built for a previous LFM-MIX release.
      • Make sure you're using the latest version of InterComm 1.6
        • InterComm 1.6 from winter 2010 year ago is different from InterComm 1.6 from winter 2011!
      • Extract the code to LTR-2_1_3
    • copy your Make.$MACHINE file into LTR-2_1_3/env/
    • Follow these compile instructions.