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Essential Principle: The atmosphere has a thin atmosphere that sustains life.

Group Participants: Sarah Wise (Facilitator), Kristin Conrad (OPL), Julie Gustafson, Mark Franson, Parker Pennington, Cinthia Haymond, John Snow, Ira Gear, Wendy Abshire, Blanch Meeson, Roberta Johnson, Sarah Shettinger, Susan Innis

Introduction:  Hello, online participants.  My name is Kristin Conrad, and I will serve you as group 5A's Online Participant Liason (OPL).  I will both capture the gist of the discussion, and will relay selected comments from online participants, back to members of this breakout session.  We hope that you will enjoy and participate in this important discussion.

NOTE:  Please refresh your browser (PCs use F5 key; Macs use function+F5) every 30 - 60 seconds to view the most recent comments