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Superparameterized CAM (SPCAM) 

SPCAM implements a 2D cloud resolving model (the System for Atmospheric Modeling SAM, Version 6.8.2) in CAM5.2 to replace its conventional parameterization for moist convection and large-scale condensation. Two different sets are provided. SAM1MOM use one moment SAM microphysics, and is based on Khairoutdinov and Randall (2001). M2005 uses two moment microphysics from Morrison et al 2005, and its implementation is based on Wang et al. (2011a; 2011b). In M2005, Explicit-Cloud-Parameterized-Pollutant (ECPP) approach is used to treat cloud processing of aerosols with statistics of cloud properties resolved by the cloud resolving model (Gustafson et al., 2008).