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If a procedure argument is of a derived type with allocatable components, and the argument is intent(out) and

optional, then calling the procedure with this argument absent produces a segmentation fault.


XLF considers size-zero variables to be initially undefined, and disallows returning them as function results unless they

are assigned.

  • This causes compilation to fail when using "-qhalt=e" (or CMake; for some reason, CMake seems to add this
  • While normally it is indeed an error for code to return an uninitialized variable, for a size-zero variable there is
    usually no requirement by the standard, and assignment to such a variable does nothing.


Reported through

ALCF (#206161).

IBM reports that they

will fix this.


A where statement is vectorized by executing both branches and merging the result according to the mask. Therefore,

you cannot rely on the mask to filter out operations that result in out-of-bounds accesses, uses of uninitialized data, or

floating point exceptions.

<= 13.1.2

Intel seems to

consider this a

limitation of their

vectorization method.

May be fixed in 15?


If a routine uses an intrinsic function, and then is renamed (via use association) to have the same name as that

intrinsic, there's an internal error.


  1. Avoid reusing a name that belongs to an intrinsic procedure, except when wrapping that procedure for
  2. Wrap the function in a generic interface, even if there is only one version.

<= 15.0.0

Reported via CISL

and again via forum.

Intel reports that a fix

will be available

"later this year" in


(2019-01-03) Given this vague statement, I'm not moving

this to the archive list yet.


Wrong bounds checking message when passing a section of an allocatable

array that has a dimension of size 0, to a routine that accepts it as an explicit-shape dummy argument.


(Regression from 13)

Reported to Intel via

Premier Support

account. Is fixed in Intel 17 (which will be released later this year)

PGIWith FMA instructions enabled, runs on bluewaters do not give reproducible answers.


Reported to PGI, but

no reduced case so