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  • Keep in mind that trademarks are adjectives (brand names) modifying nouns.  The  The first use of any UCAR trademark in text should be as a proper an adjective, so use a generic noun in association with the UCAR trademark the first time the mark appears. For example, “PIKALERT™ system or WRF® software.   After the first use, you need not associate the trademark with the generic noun it is branding.
  • It is best not to make UCAR trademarks possessive through the use of apostrophes. For example, use the "accuracy of the PIKALERT™ software" instead of "PIKALERT’s accuracy."
  • Use the appropriate trademark symbol when making reference to any UCAR trademarks.  The appropriate trademark symbol may be TM, SM or ®. 
    • Use TM for a trademark that is currently unregistered;
    • Use SM for a service mark that is currently unregistered;
    • Use ® fora trademark registered in the United States.