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Back at ops, (mostly Dan) and I continued to replace fuses – getting close.  I got a lesson on configuring Ubiquitis.  I tested the METEK connection, using the cabling that DTU made.  Found that our DSMs aren't preconfigured for RS422 on these ports, but this is easy to do here as we prep these boxes.  We still don't have the Samortecnica booms for the METEKS or RMYoungs, that I'll have to ask José Carlos about.

The ops center trailer is mostly set up.  It has power (of sorts), and cabled connections to both the ops center ethernet connection (via fiber) and the WiFi access point looking towards the ridge.  There is a desk&chair, Ted's router, a 220V power strip, DTU's data logging computer, and DTU's 13Tb backup disk (unconnected) in the trailer.  As mentioned yesterday, we are awaiting a network technician to arrive Monday (I think I said Fri previously) to diagnose low bandwidth on the fiber.  Also, Per only saw one LED (out of 4) on the Ubiquiti station adaptor when tse13 was powered up, and suspects that the access point antenna will need to be moved.  Finally, Per noted that port 1 on Ted's router appeared to be dead, so he plugged the Ubiquiti WiFi antenna into the port 2.  Strange.

Per has configured all of the access point Ubiquitis and upgraded their firmware to 7.2.4 (since some of the devices were old and he wanted everything to run the same version.  He left most of the 16db station adaptors for us to configure.

rsw03 is mostly prepped, for when INEGI staff return on Monday.