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  1. After much gnashing of teeth, Ted found that the cheap ISFS router that we had brought as a backup works fine between our LAN and the Telco's router.  The more expensive Cisco routers do not work.  Ted will buy another router tomorrow, but in the meantime, we now have a DSM in the ops center able to connect to the network (and execute "eolupdate").  This was done by temporarily running an ethernet cable through the cafe inner door to the ballroom – not a permanent solution.
  2. I unpacked the December airshipment and rearranged stuff a bit to make some space between INEGI, DTU, ARL, and Cornell stuff.
  3. I inventoried our prep work:  We left tnw07, tse07, tse08, tse10, and rsw04 pretty much ready to go, though I want to "restage" all of them with our checklist.  I got most of the way through the checklist for rsw04.

Tomorrow's tasks:

  1. Finish staging the above 4 DSMs5 towers
  2. Establish routers in the ops seatainer and in the ballroom.
  3. Check that all EC100s are set to binary.
  4. If time permits, update rest of tower nanobeam software (will need some for lidars and profilers as well)