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import sys
fn = sys.argv[1]
data =
o = open(fn, 'wb')


Displaying the GOES16 Data



  • LDM - need to cleanup the directory placement of data.
    • move to YYYY/MMDD/  -COMPLETED
    • don't delete old data - move away COMPLETED (moved data to goesr-old to be archived)
    • update this page with pqact & chome changes.
    • check chomp into cvs - rename from
    • add logging & write WMO header to log (verbose/debug?)
    • commit changes
    • Tile the data.  - use netcdf operators -
    • Add archiving & scrubbing
      • archive old directory structure as one big tarball
  • Documenting GOES-16 capabilities on a RAL Wiki page.
  • Look at netcdf data more - fields?