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The first section is sites which we expect to get working, in the approximate order that we will work on them.

tnw05 and tnw06

Both towers confirmed up by site visits on 2017-04-12. These are wind profile towers using the ND RMYoungs which should arrive this week or next.  tnw05 is difficult to reach.

Both are slated to use NCAR solar power. So towers will be crowded with sonics almost every 2m, but setting up solar on the ground may not be feasible if too much tree cover. Plus we do not have ground stands, so that has its own complications.

As of 2017-04-15, ISF equipment for tnw05 has been prepped in the ops center, and several ND sonics have been wired into DSM cables and verified to work.  At least few are bad so far.  Dan and Kurt are installing the rest of tnw05 on 2017-04-16.


This tower is up and running but still needs ND RMYoung sonics installed at several levels up to 12m.  Once we have enough RMYoung sonics wired and working, this work can be done.


Instruments installed 2017-04-12.  See blog entry setup april12.