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RMY: (from me: +v is "from north", oriented perpendicular out from the connection box.  Assuming we mounted the box away from the tower, this is the boom direction away from the tower:)

  vaz = 142 (didn't work, try: 142 + 90) (and this didn't seem to change anything – needs more work)it seems that 142+180 works better – perhaps we put the connection box towards the tower?)

METEK: (from me: manual seems to show +v is perpendicular to N arrow – essentially East)

  vaz = 142 + 90 = 232 (seems to be flipped – opposite sign convention?  Can we use Gill R2 code?)sign convention appears to be left-handed.  we'll change this in NIDAS.  Also, this makes vaz = 232-180 = 52)

All this now implemented in cal_files and config.

 I'll try coding all this into cal_files...