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  • April 13, 2017

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NCAR Web Advisory Group (WAG)
1. Featured Presentation by Christine Wiedinmyer, ACOM Scientist 3:
	"Scientist Perspective on the Web"
2. Funded by EPA and NSF money.
	Created her own domain and web site:
	Custom branding and control over look & feel.
3. FINN: Delivering large data sets of fire emissions. Some users want custom extractions, and that process takes her time. Carl (ACOM Webmaster and Software Engineer 3) will automate the process.
4. Toolsets for Airborne Data:
	Archived data from field campaigns.
	Extraction and analysis online - more convenient than downloading.
	Download also provided.
5. UCAR Data Stewardship Engineering Team (DSET):
	Meta-data for identifying data sets.
	Scientists have to convert data into the right format. Labor hours.
	Probable DSET presentation to the WAG in June. Contact Steve Worley.
	See also DASH- Digital Asset Services Hub:
6. Requests for Proposal (RFPs) do not usually specify money for data analysis.
7. Three buckets: data, software, and web sites.
8. There are legal and organizational policies governing domain names.
	Site Visit Teams said multiple domains fragment our identity.
	Also multiple domains weaken our rank in search results.
9. Visual appearance matters. Home pages should be visually appealing.
10. Web applications online are great! Much better than download-compile-install.
	Calculate on the cloud is very easy and powerful.
	Our competitors are building online tools.
	Some colleagues are getting ahead of us (Chris Knote and Boxmox).

11. Software and Web Engineering Group (SWEG): Nate Wilhelmi
	Jira and Confluence moving to Active Directory.
	Jira Service Desk (Atlassian).
	Auditing tools on the Wiki to detect dormant sites.
	PeopleDB still in place, not urgent to replace it.

12. Web Modernization Project: David Vance
	Close to feature complete on Pantheon.
	UCAR Communications is adding content, while auditing that content.
	Then New site and on to Production.
	New web sites are Drupal 8.

13. For Staff is going into (Drupal 7)
14. There will be a new URL for Org-Nav. Should be a small change.
15. David Vance: Web Modernization Project is a new re-think of our approach to organizational web sites. Absolutely includes sweep through content for relevance. Re-write with fewer words. Powers within the organization want org-centric sites (Labs and Programs), users outside want project-centered sites (hurricanes, global warming, pollution).

16. Lean Coffee:
	Google Analytics by user demographics.
		Should be okay even under FISMA rules.
		Sharon Clark will check and report back next meeting.
	Migrate module D7 to D8.
		Try to start with mostly fresh content.
		Idea is that NCAR/UCAR and all Lab sites hosted on Pantheon.
		Pay per page hits.