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  1. Ditch old configure system
  2. Ditch MPIV1 support (20 years old!)
  3. DItch old compiler back-compatibility (Fortran 2003 compatibility checks, for example)
  4. pgf90/gcc combo. Combining two different compiler types is asking for trouble.
    1. Perhaps ditch/combine some other config options as well? Linux options are out of control still



  1. Rename AO, OI to OMA, OMB appropriately
  2. Change namelist sections to be descriptive? Would be easy to make a script to convert old namelists too.
  3. Make analysis_type = “3D-VAR” into "ASSIMILATION" or something similar...currently you need to use analysis_type = “3D-VAR” even for 4DVAR and hybrid.
  4. Add headers to columns in statistics and diagnostics files


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