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Note: gross checks potentially can use ensemble spread information.


AOD  from bufr (setupaod.f90)

AOD bufr created from HDF files, different HDF formats for MODIS, VIIRS. Also ABI GOES-R possible to implement

General workflow

  • assign which channels to use based on a list in aeroinfo.txt, 
  • initialize CRTM for a given satellite and type of observation (e.g. obstype='modis_aod', call init_crtm(...)),
  • read AODs at different wavelengths (channels) for a chosen satellite (MODIS Aqua+ Terra, VIIRS, namelist, only high quality data in bufr files),
  • check if within window,
  • calculate error based on surface type/retrieval algorithm,
  • calculate layer model AODs and Jacobians using CRTM (call call_crtm(...), horizontal interpolation in call_crtm),
  • reject if crtm returns error(?), select channels for processing (only 550nm now), 
  • accept/reject AODs depending on quality data from Deep Blue algorithm (MODIS),
  • calculate innovations,
  • save innovations, Jacobians, errors etc. in my_head list,
  • save accepted and rejected in my_diag list,
  • write diagnostics to a file (e.g. for EnKF),
  • quality control largely done before creating bufr files.