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I just used the opportunity of staging for ARTSE to evaluate the effect of not cleaning our radiometers during Perdigao.  All of the Perdigao radiometers were packed without being cleaned, to enable this test to be done.  However, it is possible that the stretchy film that is part of the NR01 packing may have wiped some stuff off of the domes.  Two of these NR01s were brought back (by me) by hand – the rest are still in the seatainer.

Today (27 July), which is partly cloudy with boundary-layer Cu, we installed NR01 #7 at approximately 13:00 (local).  At approximately 14:43, I cleaned it during a period when the sun disk was clear of clouds.  The order was: wetting,, Rlw.out, Rsw.out, then wiping in the same order.  At the end of this cleaning, I added water to the wetness sensor, left the water on for about 10s, and wiped it clean, just as an indicator flag.  I ran rserial during this cleaning on a laptop.


Continuing the ARTSE piggy-back, also tested NR01 #12 at about 11:20 on 1 Aug 2017 with nearly clear skies.  This time the procedure was: