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  • December 14, 2017

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Stephen Geinosky, Jennifer Oxelson, Nate Wilhelmi, Carl Drews, David Vance, Tim Fredrick, BJ Smith, Ryan Johnson, Tania Sizer, Terri Hamner, Kim Nesnadny, Carter Borst, Helen Moshak.

Meeting Notes

Welcome to Ryan Johnson, the new Web Developer at Climate & Global Dynamics. Introductions around the table.

WAG Co-Chairs: The terms of Terri Hamner and Carl Drews expire after this meeting. There were no volunteers to take over the WAG leadership, but several people were interested. Carl will contact them and explain what the Co-Chair position involves.

The NCAR Annual Report will not go live this week as scheduled. We are waiting on content (scientific reports and summary letters) from Lab Directors and others. The audience includes the National Science Foundation and Congressional staffers.

Helen reported that UCAR is planning to archive the annual reports prior to 2015; the desire for the UCAR umbrella site is to deliver current content. The older reports will remain online but will be obviously archived.

SWEG Update:
Nate reported a consistent complaint that the Confluence Wiki is full of old and obsolete information, making it hard for people to find useful information. Wiki storage is maxed out. The Wiki is a bad place for archiving. Consequently, the SWEG has implemented a notification system that will send weekly e-mails to owners of wiki projects, listing their wiki pages that have not been updated in over two years. There are no plans to get rid of the UCAR Wiki.

Discussion: We have contractual obligations to keep data online, even after the funding has ceased. Field projects have to last longer than 5 years, satellite instruments even longer. DASH is not yet accepting deposits. Laura Hoff at the NCAR Library can help to archive documents and data. ACOM has removed and/or archived 5 wiki projects in the last week; for active projects, ACOM strongly recommends determining expiration at the project level, not individual pages. An active project may contain pages older than 2 years. "The scientist is annoyed" at receiving the weekly reminder. 3 project categories: Ongoing, Needs to be Archived, and Abandoned. Confluence tools are available only at the page level. "Storing everything forever is not an option." Send archived projects to the NCAR Library.

webpub static content on
CSAC archive was cleaned and drastically reduced in size (MMM). WAG meeting minutes from 2001-2006 were archived (ACOM). Old web pages contain strategic plans and reasons for making technical and policy decisions. will give way to (the 2 will disappear). This change will affect org-nav ( Haven't decided yet on how/if to redirect from www2 links.

Temporary home for fixed "internal" data (e.g., -- Drupal pages.  But Nate indicated this was temporary and no long-term solution has been proposed. as an "intranet" Confluence instance -- a Knowledge Base for staff.   We are still exploring wiki solutions.  The idea of is to maintain an "internal" and "external" wiki presence.

Web Modernization Project:
Helen reported that the technical work was complete months ago; now content is being written for the new site. The new UCAR umbrella sites will be delivered well before the end of 2018, with a new and beautiful design. Focus group for web modernization? Date of launch is important. Lab sites? Short pilot? External-facing web sites vs. intranet.

Shared Services:
Helen gave an update on shared services project for Administrators, Web, and Systems Administrators. Consulted with Engineering School, University of Illinois. 80-person IT team there, about half in a bullpen. Budget cuts 10-15%. Satisfied internal customers. 15 departments, 7 web developers. How would this work at UCAR? Budget. "Go big or go home" => no opt-out, or the Shared Services effort will fail. Roll in new groups incrementally.

Discussion: The one sentence summary for Shared Services: "Treating your internal customer like an external customer." "We do that now." Managing risk (and opportunity). There can be separate smaller groups as long as communication exists between them. At UCAR the web developers and engineers gather together and communicate already (WAG, UDUG, wag mailing list). Collaboration between labs and divisions. Distributed services or virtual services. Needs assessment has yet to take place - WEG is working with Vermillion.

Net Neutrality:
Today the FCC made a change to their regulations that will no longer preserve net neutrality. Question: Could someone throttle It is no secret that some people don't like the results of our climate research.

Discussion: Probably not, because NCAR's connections were established via Internet2 agreements which define its capacity and use in its contracts and agreements. NCAR has been a key node of the Internet for decades. But Internet providers could throttle (block or slow down) at the neighborhood level.