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  • February 8, 2018

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10-11:30am,  FL1-2198-EOL-Atrium


New Co-chair Vote (if necessary, to make Don and Tania's appointment official): 5 minutes

Spectre Meltdown presentation and discussion (Ryan)

WAG's role going forward - discuss mission statement and relationship with ITC and SWEG (time dependent)

    WAG Charter

    ITC Strategic Direction

SWEG update by Stephen Geinosky

Shared Services update by Helen Moshak


Stephen Geinosky,  Carl Drews, David Vance, Tim Fredrick, BJ Smith, Ryan Johnson, Tania Sizer,  Don Kolinski, Carter Borst, Helen Moshak, Simon Webster, Susan Ramsey, Dennis Ogg, Laura Hoff.


Ryan Johnson gave a presentation on the Spectre / Meltdown vulnerabilities

   -- see the PDF

Affects > 90 % of CPUs worldwide

Some vendors say they have performed patches

Extra vigilance should be used with links sent in emails, and attachments

rel=”noopener noreferrer” should be added to external links

Susan Ramsey contributed to this discussion

In favor of cloud-based web hosting, but would like to know more about phishing attempts

Stephen Geinosky gave brief update on SWEG

Willing to give brown-bag presentation on using Composer Workflow

Stephen and David Vance are willing to meet with web developers one-on-one to give Drupal 8 and Pantheon Workflow consulting

Helen Moshak gave update on Shared Services Initiative -- a proposal to UCAR Management

Summarized what worked at a large university when IT at Engineering Dept. transitioned to shared services

40% work remotely

Employee involvement in the evolving roles/jobs

Basic services paid by membership dues

Extra services are paid for

Each group, Admin Assistants, System Administrators, and Web Developers worked out their own model for rates

Buy-in from every group is necessary

Full transparency and regular reporting

Needs driven, focus is on the customer

Needs assessment very important

Laura Snyder and Connie Phillips will give demo of the new Drupal 8 Communications site in near future

Gathering stakeholder insights

4 major themes:  Modelling, Observations, Computing, and Education & Outreach