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Rebecca Buchholz


Understanding biomass burning and local versus distant contributions to pollution, with a focus on CO. Also interested in climate-chemistry links. Experiments include: 1. Full chemistry simulation from 1979 to present; 2. Intercomparison of BB inventories; 3. Tagged CO for pollution event attribution; 4. Using the interactive fire module and comparing to inventories; 5. Constant versus variable emissions.


Louisa Emmons

Benjamin GaubertNCAR/ACOMChemical data assimilation, ensemble forecasting, model evaluation and intercomparison
Duseong JoUniversity of Colorado, BoulderInvestigating the sources, properties, processing, and removal of organic aerosols under current and future climate scenarios.2018-04-26
Forrest Lacey

Rebecca Schwantes


Improving simulated surface Ozone in CAM-chem by 1) Updating and adding more complexity to the current chemical mechanism for isoprene and terpene oxidation, 2) Testing different NO emission inventories and assumptions, and 3) Testing the impact of model resolution including using the new Spectral Element version of CAM-chem, which has the capability for regional refinement.


Wenfu TangUniversity of Arizona

Simone Tilmes

Siyuan WangNCAR/ACOM

Developing an online air-sea exchange module for trace gases for CESM, in order to better understand the broader impacts of ocean on the atmospheric budgets of an array of compounds of interests, such as oxygenated volatile organic compounds (OVOCs), halogenated VOCs, etc.