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Adding the following species to user_nl_cam will write out files with a h1 suffix.

Code Block
fincl2              = 'PS','OH','H2O','H2O2','HO2','O3','NO3','NO','NO2','CO','ISOP','PHIS','CH2O','T','PAN','PM25','PDELDRY','AODDUST','AODVISdn','Z3'

The temporal resolution of the output files is also specified via the user_nl_cam:

Code Block
avgflag_pertape     = 'A','A'
mfilt               = 1,4
nhtfrq              = 0,-6


titleTip for New Users:

A list of all possible history file variables can be found here:

Where columns correspond to finclX in order. The namelist variables define:


Note, if your simulation ends within a month, the partial monthly average is stored in the $* file, so you can continue the simulation from that date and get the monthly average when the simulation completes that month.

Saving output along aircraft or satellite tracks

It is possible to save output along a time-varying track to match aircraft or satellite observations using the 'sathist' namelist variables.  The user must create a netcdf file with the time, latitude and longitude of the desired track and the model profile is saved for the closest locations for the closest timestep(s).  If sathist_ntimestep and sathist_nclosest are set to 1 only the closest profile in time and space will be saved.  If values greater than 1 are used, the user can interpolate the output to the actual observation location.  As many variables as desired can be specified in the 'fincl'; when the file gets too large, a new file will be automatically started.  NOTE: the aircraft output file is NOT automatically copied to your 'archive' directory at the completion of the run. 

Code Block
 sathist_track_infile = '/glade/p/acom/MUSICA/flight_tracks/'
 sathist_ntimestep = 2
 sathist_nclosest = 4
 sathist_hfilename_spec = ''
 sathist_fincl = 'PS', 'PMID', 'Z3', 'M_dens', 'T', 'U', 'V', 'Q', 'H2O', 'RELHUM', 
                 'O3', 'O3S', 'NO', 'NO2', 'CO', 'O3_Prod','O3_Loss'

Saving output for a given local time for comparison to satellite observations