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  • Biogenic Emission Options (MEGAN)

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Emissions Option 1: Use the monthly climatology of MODIS satellite data for LAI and run with plant functional types that change over time based on landuse changes. This is the current default for FCSD compsets in CESM2.1.0, so no changes are necessary if you are running with this version. The monthly MODIS climatology for LAI uses 16 plant functional types. Crop and and plant landuse changes occur. Wood harvesting and crop planting/harvesting are not simulated. Crops are simulated like as more productive natural grasslands with no human management. 


    • In env_run.xml, change CLM_BLDNML_OPTS value to "-bgc sp"
    • Build your case. 
    • Confirm fsurdat in $CASEROOT/CaseDocs/lnd_in is correct, if not make adjustments in user_nl_clm 
      • Crop and plant functional types main file:
      • Timeseries settings:
        • Set the flanduse_timeseries file to null. flanduse_timeseries = '' 
        • This command tells the model to use the plant functional types specified in the fsurdat file for all years with no changes. If you want to vary landuse change over time in your simulation, you should use option 1 or option 3.

Emissions Option 3: Use the CLM model to simulate monthly LAI and vary landuse over time. Note: the LAI using this method has known biases. This option is good for simulations far into the future with unknown landuse changes. The CLM model simulated LAI uses 78 plant functional types. Human management such as wood harvesting and crop planting/harvesting is simulated.