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  • Performance Evaluation Overview - March 15, 2019

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Integrated into WorkDay in June for next year.

Why are we doing this?

  • Want to have consistent PE across UCAR.
  • Improve feedback
  • uniform guidelines for compensation


Professional Development is "baked in" to workday already, so don't need to go above and beyond what you usually do.


  • reflect most key activities
  • can be about the work itself or how an employee does the work
  • help the employee grow within role and/or prepare for new role


  • Joint position? → supervisor of record conducts evaluation
  • how many competencies to list? → 3 additional (beyond core), need to show growth in this competencies.
  • why the 5 point scale → people are moving away from binary scale, allows better differentiation & consistency
    • overall rating is not tied to competency ratings
  • Ok to use peers and outside from UCAR people for feedback
    • don't quote peers
  • Smart Goals
    • Don't cover everything you do.  Should be a subset of what you are doing.
  • How much time should we be spending on this?
    • 1 hour - goal setting meeting
    • 30 minutes - quarterly check-ins
    • annual performance evaluation  (missed this - 1 hour?)


  • Competencies
    • Competencies are supposed to be skills you already have or skills you need to improve, or either?
    • Use top level competency or sub-categories? 
    • Make up additional sub-categories competencies?
  • Competencies are supposed to be tied to goals, right?  Is this also true for core competencies?  Example goals for second core competency?  (support an ethical, diverse workplace)
  • Time period for smart goals?  → 1st draft of PE is due this week.