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The floor then passed to EMC and GMAO

Corey Cory offered to help with any work that has to do with GSI diag data - if you're working on something related to this, please create a ZenHub issue and add Cory to it.  He has also been working on ufo obs operators for surface measurements (e.g., 2m temperature) - he is close to issuing a PR.

Dan has an open PR in fv3-jedi in which we he exploits his recent multi-resolution capability to greatly improve the efficiency of tests.  On discover, the time for the fv3-jedi test suite decreased from 11 min to 2 min and the size of the data files needed  from git-LFS decreases by an order of magnitude, from 3GB to 0.3GB.  However, the 4DVar tests are not converging.  He suspects that this has to do with the variable transforms in TL/AD.


Sylianos continues to work with ocean observations and model interfaces.  He announced that the system administrators have agreed to install Singularity on Theia.

Hamideh has added updated GMI tests and config files into ufo and is now working on implementing GMI into SOCA applications.observation and geovals data, and the GMI CRTM obs operator. Pull requests are under review and will be merged in soon.

Rahul is working on improving the SOCA workflow for cycling runs.  He's using new functionality in the ioda_converters repo to ingest raw observations.


Marek has a PR in ufo and ioda that enhances the RTTOV interface, with tests.   He asked Anna about how locations are implemented and used by geovals.  Yannick mentioned that the same observation can show up in multiple different time intervals without the need to change the locations class itself.  They agreed to talk more Marek opened a discussion concerning Locations and GeoVaLs in regard to a DA flow he is working on. Yannick, Anna and Marek talked about several options and tradeoffs, and then agreed to continue the discussion offline.