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Emily is using Cory's packages to get obs and geovals files and is now testing a cloud fraction operator in UFO.

Chris H has a pull request in for forecast capability in the shallow-water (SW) model.  It's close but Mark (M) noticed a few test failures with intel 17 compilers when -O2 or -O3 is used.  This was seen on both AWS and Cheyenne but Chris was not able to reproduce it on Theia - there all tests pass with all optimization levels.  Chris plans to try Cheyenne next.

Chris has made progress with interpolation for GetValues() with the SW model, but this is proving to be challenging due to simplified nature of the SW model. He may need to solicit help with this task from the others working on model interfaces.


John and Sarah reported that they have made good progress on refactoring Neptune to make it more easily integrated with JEDI and on developing the JEDI interface.


However, Yannick and others mentioned that the PGI compilers tend to be behind when it comes to implementing new Fortran and C++ language features (e.g. Fortran 08 and C++-11).  Perhaps they have improved in recent years but Chris H is skeptical that they would be able to handle all the language features currently exploited by JEDI.