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Yannick then asked the group if there is anyone that requires python 2.  There were no responses.  Mark then asked for the perspective of some visitors to our meeting that were joining us from NOAA/EMC/EIB.  Kate Friedman responded and said that they are in the process of converting their python 2 scripts to python 3 but they really just started with this.  She said they don't use much python (in the global workflow) so it is not a high priority.   Rahul added that ecflow uses python but this should be easy to update to python 3 Python2 is used in the HWRF workflow scripts.  Stylianos confirmed that python3 is already available on WCOSS.  However, Cory said that the Cray still has python 2.  In an email, Arun Chawla (EIB) informed Mark M that "We are moving everything to Python 3.6. It will take some time but we are transitioning to that. It took a year but all the operational HPC platforms now have Python 3.6 and that was the delay in transitioning over. "