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Yannick and Mark M then described two use cases: 1) for optimization of code, and 2) to detect changes in performance that might indicate code bugs.  The CI testing would focus more on the latter.  Mark M mentioned that there might be some advantage to using the same tool (e.g. vtune) for both use cases - for example, if CI identifies a bottleneck, it might be beneficial to explore it more thoroughly via the GUI.  Mark O suggested we could look for both sudden performance changes and trends over time. Ryan added that vtune has the ability to show differences from the last time it ran (similar to reporting by CodeCov).

Steve H asked if both the GUI and command-line tools were free.  Ryan confirmed that they were both free to download.  Note - we have conflicting information from an intel representative that Vtune is not free indefinitely but Ryan has been using it for some time without any problem.  So, we just need to give it a try and see.   Mark M asked if Vtune can be installed via a package manager like homebrew or apt.  It appears the answer may be no but they can be downloaded from the web site.  Steve asked if it can run on a laptop.  Ryan said yes, but Mac can currently only run the GUI due to security issues with command-line executables.


Yannick suggested that a simple way to start with this is to start monitoring test times (as reported by OOPS) and see how much they vary.