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Mark O added that the GPTL library (runtime profiling) is a dependency of the MPAS repos, and a CMake findGptl script needs to be available to manage this dependency. Mark has created the findGptl script and after some discussion, he submitted the PR to the jedi-toolchains repo. He pointed out that ecbuild was another repo being considered, but it was decided that PRs to ecbuild should be about specific ecbuild issues and since the findGptl script is a generic CMake tool that can be used inside or outside of ecbuild it belonged in the jedi-toolchain repo.

As part of this work, the jedi-toolchain repo will become a general toolkit for providing cmake utilities such as modules and toolchains.  For this reason, it will be renamed.  The current plan is to call it jedi-cmake, and this will be added to all the bundles.  If you have any opinion on the name, please comment on Mark O's active PR in the jedi-toolchains repo.

Steve H reported good progress with the ioda-engines work related to ioda-converters. He and Ryan are working with EMC to develop an AMSU-A BUFR converter and they have a prototype working now. The output ioda file is being built, but it's not ready for assimilating in JEDI yet.


  • Mark O has made progress with CMake for MPAS, and jedi-rapids version 0.3
  • Maryam is developing running our CI build/test flow using the AWS code pipeline technology
    • This will be used initially for the periodic all model testing
  • Rick is working on modules for Orion, S4 and Discover and on setting up the NRT workflow on Orion
  • Sergey is using Cylc to run ensemble cycling using UFS
    • Includes testing inside Singularity container
  • Mark M is working on development setups on AWSreported that a new configuration is available for AWS (see active PRs in jedi-tools and jedi-docs for usage instructions)
    • Both single node and cluster modes
    • Inside and outside containers (Singularity and Charliecloud)
    • Provides a good development testbed
  • Xin and Ryan have been investigating Spack as an alternative to jedi-stack
  • NRL is transitioning to NEPTUNE2
    • Mark M has access now to the NRL machines


  • Advantages
    • Platform independent
    • Ease of use
    • Supports lua and tcl script construction for setting environments
      • We have to do tcl script construction manually now
    • Fully reproducible build on any machine
    • Manages dependencies
    • Good for consistency
  • Disadvantages
    • Configuration (build recipes) are hard to modify (less control over config options)
    • requires internet connection

Chris H noted that Spack needs internet access which is not available on some HPC systems. Rahul mentioned that Spack is being disallowed on NOAA operational systems. Sarah added that NRL is using all tcl scripts for environment setting (also UKMO).

JEDI2 (Observations)

Ryan reported:


Tom emphasized that it is highly important to have good tests and documentation for the initial release. Doing this will decrease our support load later on. So please help with this effort when the time comes in early September, and/or before then if the JEDI team asks. Thanks!

Yannick closed the meeting at this point, and announced that next Thursday (special topic) Mark M will present on containers and cloud.