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We will also provide a model simulation without the regional refinement (ne30 resolution) for comparison. 

Simulation details

This simulation included a few updates from the CESM2.2.0 code:

  • Tagged CO tracers added to the standard MOZART-TS1 troposphere-stratosphere chemistry
  • Corrected bug in MPAN chemistry (see Bug Fix List)
  • Add diagnostic output to CLM to allow for calculation of surface ozone from lowest model layer ozone
  • Updated lightning and dust tuning
  • Lower boundary conditions use SSP5-8.5 for 2015 onward
  • Meteorology nudging uses 10% nudging (based on Davis et al., 2022,
  • Anthropogenic emissions: CAMSv5.1, available for 2000-2021
  • Biomass burning emissions: QFED with FINN emission factors, available for 2010-2020
  • DMS ocean emissions from OASISS
  • Sea surface temperature file updated with data through 2021 


Please provide feedback on these simulations and requests for additional results with this feedback form.