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A number of grids have been created by various users that are available for use in MUSICAv0 which we list here to demonstrate the diverse capability of MUSICAv0.  The CONUS ne30x8 and ARCTIC grids are available resolutions in CESM2.2, but the other grids have been developed for various science applications which have not yet been published.  In the future we plan to have a public repository of grids, or may provide some grids in future model results.

Protocol: Please contact the developer of the grid if you are interested it in using it and include them as co-author of any work using that grid. 

Emissions may be available for sharing for these grids - contact the grid developers.  We will develop a public repository for those as well. 

.  We plan to create a publicly available repository of these grids.  Until that is available, please contact the developer of the grid to obtain the necessary files. The grid resolutions (e.g., ne30x{N}) are defined at the bottom of this page.