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Update History

4/27/2017: Update noscript location.

1/23/2012: Instructions for adding OrgNavFooter to Drupal sites.

3/11/2011: Recommendation and code approved by WAG

1/28/2011: New OrgNav codebase by John Fable using jQuery and configurable variables; no updates to menu content

10/26/2010: Updated "Find Scientific Visitors" link from to

06/15/2010: Fixed: NCAR Earth System Laboratory [not Systems]; Added: UCP Dir & Budget Ofc;  Added: RAL title=CSAP

12/28/2009: Changes to HTML to reflect major changes in organizational structure.

11/05/2009: Added hover intent JavaScript code that only brings up the OrgNav popup menus when the user hovers over the menu for a split second. This prevents the popups from coming up on the way to the back button and other web browser navigation items. See the JavaScript section below for instructions on how to implement this on a site which already uses OrgNav.

05/01/2009: There is now only one version for use on all NCAR, UCAR, and UCP sites.  (If your version links to "Contact or visit NCAR" it's out of date.)