Welcome to the blog for the breakout group discussion of the relevance of bunny rabbits in the Earth system.

In-person participants include: Peter rabbit, Bugs bunny, and Lisa Gardiner

Peter acknowledges the importance of carrots. Bugs agrees.

discussion continues...becomes heated, voices raised...ear pulling violence between the rabbit participants.  Emergency medical services have been called...

8/21 this happened

9/13 that happened

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  1. Why should we worry about climate change when the permafrost is going to melt and we'll all doomed anyhow? This seems like a waste of time.(sad)

    1. What about the polar bears?

    2. According to Peter Rabbit, less permafrost means more fertile land to grow carrots.

  2. Carrots are an oil industry plot!

  3. I don't care about lettuce!  Why should I worry about lettuce?


  4. Hi...this is Road Runner.  I think that clouds are important to this discussion.

  5. clouds are just fluff.  who cares about clouds!

  6. I see the wisdom of your thinking-- very well said and insightful.

  7. i disagree with everything!