DTU team left the site last night.  INEGI is home for the weekend.  Gary arrived this afternoon, so we now have our 3-person NCAR team.  Dan is moving to Castelo Branco to have more exciting night life (than hanging around with me...)

Work today:

  • Finished mote fuse replacement
  • Finished configuration of all WiFi routers and configuration of WiFi station adaptors for tneXX.  Also assembled the 60-degree antennae with their AirPrisms.  Now just plowing through the rest of the station adaptors.  Have updated Ted's networking page with color codes to indicate the status of each adaptor
  • Residual clean up/organization of the ballroom
  • Visited tne09 and Dan climbed to turn on tne09t's power switch.  Everything immediately came up, including the Ubiquiti.  Increased Bluetooth console power and can now pair from the ground (though you have to stand about 20m away from the base of the tower).  Dan got a great photo of Vale do Cobrão.  Measured the black rope as 200'.
  • At José Carlos' request, drove to ne ridge and confirmed that rne01, rne02, rne03 are all in place, though they are 9, 18, and 9m high, respectively.  We really would have liked the full 10, 20, 10m heights...

P.S. Back at the hotel, prepped all rneXX and rswXX adaptors as well.  Now just have vXX and tnwXX to do.