A group from IMPA visited today and asked whether our WiFi network would interfere with the two national weather radars.  It is true that their frequencies of 5.63 and 5.64 GHz are within the "DFS" hopping table of the Ubiquitis.  However, Bill Brown judges that with the directed beams of the Ubiquitis, the lower power levels, the distance to the nearest radar being 120km, the scanning of the radar, and the frequency hopping of the Ubiquitis (that will hop off of the radar frequency if it detects the interference), the chance of interference is quite low.  

If necessary, we could deselect the radar frequencies from our hopping table, but this would be a lot of work, probably requiring an in-person visit to each site.

Thus, we are going to proceed by leaving the Ubiquitis in "auto" frequency selection mode for now.


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