A 2.8-tower day (all 20m), with us not quite finishing the third tower due to darkness.  Completed rsw01 and rsw02 in the morning/early afternoon, then back to the ops center to reload and work on tse12.  There are no more short towers built that we are aware of.  We will return to rsw01 and rsw02 tomorrow to add some missing caps and install the radiometers and soil sensors at rsw04.  (The darkhorse is already placed.)  We also will return to tse12 to install its soil sensors and a few other odds-and-ends.  Thus, there are now 6 tall towers and 6 short towers fully installed.

We'll also do some clean-up in the seatainer and ops center before Dan and I return to Lisbon for our flights home on Sunday.  Gary will stay a bit longer to help out ISS.