I heard via Bill that Jose Carlos wanted me to meet someone at the 60m valley tower to test something at noon. When I finally found the tower (after getting some directions from Jose over the phone), I discovered it was the INEGI tower crew setting up tnw07.  They had brought the two tnw07 DSMs and and 5 TRHs and wanted to install them on the tower along with the DTU box and Gill sonics. Even though I had not heard this would be happening, they have installed our equipment before, and it looked like they had found what they needed from the ops center and knew what they were doing. After some time watching them prep, they told me we did not have the right cable lengths and some other problems, so they were not going to install our equipment. So they asked me to take it all back.

I left the tub with the DSMs, booms, and TRH rack are all together under one of the DSM setup tables.  I don't know if this site was ever staged by us in the ops center.


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  1. This was mostly a communication issue.  I'm guessing that INEGI did pick up the correct pile of equipment that Dan and I had staged.  However, INEGI would not have known that this tower is configured differently than the other 60m towers: We had to allocate a second DSM at the base of this tower to accommodate the additional Notre Dame sonic anemometers that will be added for the IOP.  Thus, the top DSM will go all the way up to 50m on this tower, where it uses shorter (15m) cables to connect to the 40m and 60m TRHs.  However, as I review the Picklist for this tower, I notice that there is a mistake – the 20m sonic will need to have a 25m cable to get to the DSM rather than the 15m cable that is shown.