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  • Cisco Anyconnect setup for Start Before Logon (SBL)
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With the advent of machines that only have wireless connections it becomes somewhat non-trvial to set up inital cached kerberos credentials for mobile/AD users. For windows, we have a workable solution which utilizes the Start Before Logon add-on to the Cisco Anyconnect Software.

You can grab the required software components from here:

You will need to install these in the specified order:

  • anyconnect-win-4.4.00243-core-vpn-predeploy-k9.msi
  • anyconnect-win-4.4.00243-gina-vpn-predeploy-k9.msi

Once installed, delay reboot and edit your xml settings file:

  • C:\ProgramData\Cisco\Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client\Profile\Lab_name.xml

Replace this line:

  •  <UseStartBeforeLogon UserControllable="true">false</UseStartBeforeLogon> 

With this line:

  • <UseStartBeforeLogon UserControllable="false">true</UseStartBeforeLogon>

Once you reboot, you should see a network logon option from the login screen:

Windows 7:

Windows 10:



This should bring up the standard Any connect login screen but after successfully connecting, I was left with the following screen: 


I was able to click on cancel (or hit esc) after I was connected and proceed to log onto the CIT domain with a "new" user from the VPN connected system.


Many thanks to Simon Webster for his help in getting this going.

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